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Air Balloon Paintings

Gearls, chains, balls

Подход к созданию корзин с

The balloons are in steep material for the construction of decorations. It is easy to build and design them, and designs look attractive and very present. To create a picture of a logo or another attractive picture of the balloons, it's not a long time when you're smart. You can pick up any colors, color transitions so it'll look like real art.

The most effective, popular and easily applicable detail Charming - a charade or something. It fits to steal absolutely any holiday. You can collect the balls filled with helium in the garland, and you can take the balls filled with air. The view of the garlands, its " behaviour " will be somewhat different. Any balloons are suited for the gears. It is possible to create a combination of balls of the same size, and the balls of different sizes can be chosen and played exactly at the difference in size. Such garlands look “more voluminous”.

The balls can be taken in colour: the same or different. It's very interesting to see the two-thirds of the contrasting flowers. Two single-ton contrasting garlands can be made and interconnected. It's this type of ball processing that gives the designer an unusual spark for fantasy. Game by color and combination of flowers tells a lot of choices, each of which will definitely be beautiful - that's the nature of balloons. It's no good, for example, white garlands or two-coloured combinations, one white. The size of the garlands, its length, is virtually unlimited.

The collection and installation of garlands for a specialist is not a great deal of work, although it may not be easy for a newcomer to imagine how to make such an inaccurate material withstand severe verbal forms.

It's very difficult to enumerate the possibilities of aerodysia in making holidays. Even a simple and popular decoration like a glory stores an unusual reserve of diversity.

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