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Natural Competition

Competitive: How to party with colleagues with fun and harmless


Corporate parties have long become an integral part of cohabitation. And since all companies have different states and budgets, they celebrate the holidays differently. But whatever it is, just sitting at the table and listening to music is not a fun exercise. Much better cook. Corporate competitionswhich will unleash everyone present.

Everything is its place.

If a party is planned in a large corporation that has a significant allocation of funds, it may be worth ordering an event at a special agency to carry out a truly interesting corporation. But most of the time, staff have to come up with entertainment on their own. What should we take into account?

  1. How many men and women together. If almost all staff of the same sex, you'd better get out of a couple contests.
  2. What's the situation with the company, how close the colleagues are. For a large team, where some don't even know each other's names, it's worth a preference for neutral games, you can say "spic business."
  3. Average age of staff.Юмор - чаще всегда отличный вариант. Фото с сайта For those who have not attained the age of 30 to 35, more free content will be entertained. But if most of the staff are in 50 years, the competitions are better to be carefully selected by stopping on classical options.

In any case, it is not necessary to go down to flat jokes or to include in the program such entertainment that would embarrass anyone.

All pairs.

The couple contests are very popular, because they're both relevant in the big team and where the people are a little bit. The most important thing is that the staff are about equal to men and women. The participants share two men and women teams. There are competitions between teams:

  1. Airline. On the team, a leading woman starts to do a man's hair by tying "chvostics" with little rubber. He wins the one who will make the largest number of cartridges in the given time.Можно заранее поинтересоваться у коллег, какие конкурсы им нравятся. Фото с сайта www. She's given a mirror, a haircut or a hair rubber.
  2. Sinhron. This competition has to work smoothly, just so it can work. The essence of the contest: the members of the team hug each other by one hand and the other is free (only one). They've got to blow and tie a balloon. Whoever did it first wins. As a prize, it's best to choose something neutral, for example, a box of candy.
  3. “Nackles and stickers”. This competition will be most appropriate in the young community. Each woman is labelled with stickers (possible to use stationary stylishers or ordinary children) in the same places: face, hand, clothing. Men must remove all the stickers in their time, without using their hands and mouths. He wins the one who took off the largest number of stickers. The prize is office supplies.

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