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Petars Russian Fireworks

Answer Russian fireworks

Сколько стоят петарды корсар

Hello.Russian fireworks" . I'll start by saying thank you... Thank you for making the holidays richer and more beautiful. The sky is painted by the colours, the fire is fascinated by the guests, participants, or colleagues are always happy to stop eating. As far as I can, I'm following the novels in the pyrotechnic inventory proposed by your company, as well as the other developments concerning you. The salute diarrhoeas work unpredictable (mostly as stated on the package or video), I have never had a marriageable product. The quality, the inter-theme, is well-coordinated with the price policy - you have a very good life. This time, in the run-up to New Year 2016, he co-hosted a couple of large salute batteries, a group of small batteries, as well as a lot of petty things: peteard, missiles, etc. Again! Now a small claim... You're taking a pretty large part of the pyrotech market in Russia. Give you the God of prosperity. I understand that it's primarily business for you, but by increasing sales, there's no need to cut quality. Please pay more attention to small things like flying fireworks. For example, for reasons not known to me (possibly when transporting), the Fire Bees P3010 were defective. The wings were either missing (1 piece), or the wing geometry was wrong. The consequence was a non-vertical take-off of products or they didn't take off at all. Where I could, you wings to the stool so that the coming gases make the product rotate and take off. The remaining three bees are not reinstated (as small on my side:) These bees are rather cheap and small, and I understand that you have no way of controlling each such product, but still wanted to report these defects. First of all, security is important to me, as for the end-user, not so much safety, not even self, but entertainment. Now this is the question: the increase in the price of pyrotechnic products is due only to domestic economic processes, or does your Chinese partners also raise primary prices? This year spent approximately the same amount on pyrotechnic as in the past. He's focused on three large salute batteries. Regrettably, I had to limit myself to the pleasure of their acquisition and take only a couple. And last: ♪

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