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Interactive Board Installation

Installation of an interactive board at school

Basic price 12,000, 00 shirt

The use of an interactive board at school would significantly improve the teaching process by making it more interesting and dynamic. On-line docket work is increasing the visibility and perception of material, by visualizing information and by engaging in whole class teaching. None of the students will remain indifferent to learning. interactive boardУстановка интерактивной доски в школе Interactive board in class brings dynamics and a sense of inclusion into classrooms, increases pupils ' motivation and makes all students fully involved.

Numerous lessons and assignments are now being created for interactive boards. The use of interactive boards is very widespread. A variety of occupations and games are offered for primary school, such as mathematics, logistics, Russian, etc. It goes in a clear way, as a student just works on a personal computer, running special markers or hand fingers, and a large picture and specialized software, makes the process fascinating and attracts the audience. With an interactive board in your classroom, you can show the content of the lesson, comment digital documents, manage computer applications and move on educational web sites.

Many modern models allow several students to work simultaneously. Which makes the work on the interactive board even more interesting. The use of an interactive board at school is certainly a new word in education. The board can completely replace the board or the marker board. When a student takes an electronic feather into his hands and starts writing on the surface, he has a sense of letter as close as possible to the natural as if he's writing on a regular board or a notebook. Software preserves computer-written or removes the printer. In doing so, it is possible to write both in the special area and in any image transmitted from the computer, to make, for example, notes or details in photographs or videos in the freeze frame mode.

Установка проектора в школьном классе Установка проектора в школьном классе

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