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Retractor Rgb

Светодиодный прожектор rgb 20w

♪ The luminous flux figures are excluding the optical part of the device.

The spotlight RGB is getting better, evolving and developing. In the past, when coloured gas-discharge lights and dyehrotic lights were used, only one colour of the section could be obtained and today the viewer reproduces 256 different colours and shades.

Modern instruments have narrow-spectral wavelengths, so they produce monochrome-blooded colours that are not available even for light-fighters of the latest models. If several coloured lights are switched on simultaneously in different proportions, the beautiful intermediates of the entire RGB palitres shall be produced. At the same time, with the inclusion of the 3rd major palitra flowers, blue, red and green, RGB, the lights are emitted.

The viability and cost-effectiveness of a searchlight in the landscape design of the searchlight are required. They're capable of meeting many challenges. If the equipment is correctly installed, it's completely repaid. This is particularly relevant for socially important facilities, such as clubs, restaurants and entertainment centres.

RGB searchers are designed not only to light space but also to light the berths of buildings. Some lighters are so powerful that they can cover huge wall spaces.

The monitors are automatically operated. The programmed controllers allow the necessary lighting parameters to be installed and the searchlights to be started at a specified time interval.

RGB's tracker is a whole palette not only of paint, but of advantages:

- impressive brightness of lighting;

- Dynamic effects;

- Energy efficiency at the highest level;

- saturated shades of flowers;

Durability and resilience to damage;

- a stylish outside view that allows light-dimensional tractors to fit into any interrier.

RGB is the lighting apparatus of modern cities.

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