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Street Lights

Scope of street lights

It should be noted that, thanks to a solid variety of light-sighted street viewers with different implementation options, the streets of the night city can be completely transformed in a short period of time. Electricity savings in the use of this type of lighting equipment are 70 per cent (compared with traditional analogues). In addition, lighting by lighting devices is not only economical but also safer.

Консольные светодиодные светильники

Nowadays, this type of lighting technology is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to the urban streets, light-device searches for external lighting are used on rail platforms, petrol stations and industrial areas. They are also recommended to be used as the main light source in garages, parks, public transport stops and many other facilities.

A street tunnel lighting lighter will be great to light lengthy and horizontal areas. It is used in tunnels and mines. Such products have an aluminium anti-vandal hull. The metal was chosen in an accident because it has thermal insulation.

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