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Model Balloons

Modelling balls (sdm) (53)

Воздушные шары для

Model balls are very popular. They're a mandatory balloon in any aerodysiner's armoury, they're sausage balls from which to just make both design and design. In addition to the shapers, opt-forming balls buy animators to entertain guests, making different pieces, animals, objects, colours of different shapes and sizes. There's a very popular position in retailers. These balloons are designed to blow only with air, so they are not required to buy helium cylinders.

Model balls can be bought right through our website. In this section, you will find a large colour palitre and different dimensions of these balls. We're offering to buy balls for modeling on the Internet with two main sizes: the thicker bulbs are items marked by numbers 260 or 270, thin latex bulbs - they're marked by numbers 160.

Packages of one colour are presented here, or a set of balls can be selected for simulations where different ranges are collected. The colours of the balls are divided into " metallic " , " pulp " , " pastor " and " decoorator " . The decoration of " methallik " and " Perlamutre " gives a beautiful overflowing glacier, mainly gold, silver, white. Such balls don't miss light, they're not transparent. The term " pastor " is also non-transparent, non-transparent, non-expressed, non-expressed.

In the colours of the " Decoorator " , a very wide colour palette is a brighter saturated shade, a part of the colours of the type of " ecorator " makes the ball untransparent, but more often it is semi-transparent balls. All our balls are stained sharply and uniformly, the paint is not afraid of elevated humidity and hot weather. The balloons for simulations are easy to buy both the IF Search site and our retail stores.

Our catalogue shows different SDMX, and it's not gonna be hard to buy the required model on the Internet. The store offers the products of one of the world ' s largest balloon producers, Latex Oxydall, the Mexican factory, as well as American and Colombian modelling balls. Latex Occidental balloons are excellent quality at affordable prices. The producer ' s entire product is highly elastic, which is important to the bulb balls. It's the Latex Oxydentle production balls that have a good stretch of tailings that can reach 15-20 cm long.

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