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Projector Hardening

Sampling of stacks and ceilings under projectors or plasma panels

Потолочное крепление для проектора Wize Pro PR-UNVToday, various versions of projectors and plasma panels have become a mandatory part of the provision of a large number of facilities, such as classrooms, offices, conference rooms, dispatch and situation centres, social facilities and public spaces.

To make the most effective use of the projector or screen, it is necessary to select and establish a suitable model in a manner that meets all the conditions and takes into account all the characteristics of the space, size, level of lighting, width of angle.

The projector fixing is a significant part of the installation of equipment. The choice of a suitable fixture is necessary, taking into account all the conditions of the space and the location of the screen. A variety of mounting options are available on the market, the main of which are ceiling or wall projectoror a projector carton.

Prior to the installation of the equipment, the most appropriate place for the display should be carefully calculated, taking into account the characteristics of the model chosen, authorization, luminance, focus distance. It is desirable, if possible, to select models with adjustable kronstein that will allow the projector to change its turn and inclination as desired.

The characteristics of each system should be taken into account, be it ceiling or wall. For example, the installation of the projector on the ceiling is better carried out during the renovation of the premises, as it is necessary not only to install the curtain, but also to cover low-tight and power lines. It's simpler with hard-walls, but it doesn't require special skill. The plasma panel curtain is also operational. Such a mobile installation has several offices for the accommodation of the equipment and easily conceals extra wires without violating the aesthetic integrity of the premises.

Потолочное крепление для проектора Wize Pro PR-UNV-S Универсальное потолочное крепление Wize PR2 Универсальное потолочное крепление Wize PR3XL Потолочный комплект для крепления проектора Wize Pro PR11A

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