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Projector To Ceiling

I'll sell

Он послужил как бы

Let's go. Questions in l/s.
Fisher-Price is the first toy that will ensure the harmonious development of your rabbit. The game can take the baby's attention for a long time because of the variety of entertainment. Music will calm him down, and watching toys will be fun.
Fisher-Price main block of the Bowls, soft suspension toys, 3 st. arc and toy anchorages, a removable lamp projector, remote control remote control.
The mob is very tightly attached to the child bed of the melody and the sound of nature will calm the baby, all three nightlights, one-time night work and the projector, and there's a vocal setting and the switching of the device can be remotely operated by remote remote control.
Watching the toys and stars on the ceiling, the baby develops a vision, and music improves his hearing.

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