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Dragon Doll

Rolling, renting dolls in Catherineburg

The Rost Doll of "Medved Misha in Russian shirts" is a rental.

Rostock doll in the image of a Russian bear is a great ad. To hire a hill doll in Ekaterinburg recommended a low-cost, affordable price.

The big doll of "Medved Misha," taken in a rental, will celebrate children and adults at any party, at the wedding, the anniversary, the children's holiday. It's an unusual time for a wedding with a birthday suit with a stunted doll, it's joy and admiration for a birthday party.

A new year, a new year's corporation, a new year's evening is more fun and brighter with the Medved doll in a new year's holiday suit.

It's a roller doll at Catherineburg T. Personage. The Bear's surge suit consists of a large head of a bear with a nose and eye view, a nice shirt, a belt, a shirt, a steamer under a shirt, a volume, mech pants, barrels, paws.

Delivery of a rental doll, rental to the towns of Ekaterinburg, Berezovsky, Miduralsk, Novoberezovsky, Revda, Degtyarsk, Polev and others. 1500 roubles are rented, the growth doll to other cities is paid separately. We propose a new rolling service, a long roll of growth dolls in other cities.

An orange Cot's doll is rented in Catherineburg.

That's the Orange Cat that could steal the feast or reproduce your services. Selling a suit at the Ekaterinburgh, Revde, Pervouralsk on the phone 7 a day from 1,500 roubles. You can take the children's holiday, Knowledge Day, News, Jubilee, Birthday, Masle, Child Protection Day, Exhibition, Market Opening. The rolling of the doll in Catherineburg by text message. It'll be brighter, funnier, long time to remember.

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