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Large Projector Screen

Security screens

Аренда, прокат Большой экран

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In today ' s world, it is difficult to present presentations, training seminars and courses, presentation of new projects and ideas without the use of protection equipment and specially designed screens. The quality of the projected image depends largely on the projection screen. To date, the wide range of projectors ' screens in the Russian market have been presented by the latest models from the leading producers of programme equipment.

Many brands offer projection screens, different technical characteristics and costs. How do you not lose your choice? What kind of screen would it take to enjoy a quality image for years? It is now accepted that the following types of projection screens are provided:

projector screens constant tension;

- Mobile projection screens on the stand or in the state;

- the projection screens back or straight projection;

- larger projection screens.

The permanent tension protection screen is a half-track fixed in the frame. The type of screen is simple in the editing and exclusively hope, the quality of the image that it produces is high enough. This screen shall be fixed at a certain location, for example, on the wall and shall be fixed.

Mobile screens is a half-screen on the stand or in the state, which ensures the free movement of the screen inside the room. Depending on the lighting or location of viewers, the screen can be easily moved, making its use functional and universal. The performance screens of the reverse or direct projection are highly operational.

Direct projection protection screen implies the placement of viewers and projector on one side of it. Such screens shall be made of non-transparent material with a view to eliminating light absorption. The image on such screens shall be created by the reflection of the light from the surface and its subsequent diffusion. The less absorption, the more qualitative the image projected on the screen.

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