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Usb Projector

Ultracotophocous interactive business projectors

Would you like to know how to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of additional equipment?

  • Are you tired of having many meetings every week and feel like you're not making any progress?
  • Do you have handwriting notes on leaflets or flippcharts, or even photographs on the board with the mobile phone?
  • Nobody's watching the board?

Epson EB-1420Wi/1430Wi - Projectors combining interactive panelflippchart and other presentation equipment

  • Projectors are simple in use, as they operate as independent devices and do not require access to the computer.
  • Add additional pages, get the pictures up.
  • Demonstrate projects from your mobile devices while making notes and comment.
  • In summarizing the meeting, you can maintain, print or e-mail the result.
  • You can do this without a computer!

White board mode

Turn your usual white board, wall or any other flat surface into a new digital board.

  • It's enough to turn the projector on, and you can start writing with an interactive style.
  • Add extra pages if you need more space.
  • Introduce images from USB or online disk.
  • I want you to print, preserve or e-mail the results of your work.

Use the external control panel for easy access

  • Use the control panel as USB-concentrate or as a remote control remote control remotely accessible to certain functions.
  • Use USB to connect to PK, printer or other external devices.
  • Use the intuitively understandable buttons to insert/off the projector, launch the white board mode, find the signal source, capture the image, print or retain.

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