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Rolling For The Projector

Recommendations for the installation of Kronsteins

Крепление для проектора на

Video projector is expensive and very heavy. It is therefore necessary to take full responsibility to select a strong mechanism. It is important that the Kronstein be made of quality materials - only in this case can it be sure that the projector is securely recorded.

There are many attachments to the market for designers of a variety of configurations. The multiplicity of models is divided into two groups: wall and ceiling.

  • The ceilings are generally fixed. They are selected when the projector is intended to be used in only one room. Such kronsteins allow the concealment of power cables. The stack with the sliding mechanism may regulate the inclination and/or altitude of the projector. There are permanently strong articles. The high strength of their components ensures the exceptional reliability of the attachment.
  • The projector walls are also equipped with pants mounted on the wall. Mobile connecting mechanism allows the technician to be inclined and rotated. Typically, the length of the strap is adjusted to allow the projector to be set at the right height. The distance to the wall shall be adjusted.

  • Avoid the installation of kronsteins in places where there is a constant vibration or impact load. In the first case there is a risk of disintegration of the fastening cells, the second is a high risk of damage to the structure.
  • Pay attention to the thickness of the surface on which the crown wall is intended to be attached. The thin wall or ceiling is a direct threat to the safety of people working with equipment.
  • Avoid the installation Kronsteins for projectors in places with sharp temperature changes. For example, it is not recommended that a strong structure be installed near powerful lighting devices or climatic equipment.

There's another important detail. Kronstein should be guaranteed to withstand the projector's weight. Before purchase, pay particular attention to this parameters of the fastening device. It's better to choose a kronstein with a strength reserve.

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