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Video Film Secrets

The secrets of the video film are the skilled use of the camera, the right image and the creative approach.

Good video requires skilled video cameras and their routines, and a number of " gold " rules need to be observed in video filming.

Councils from the journalist BBC Sally Webb: how to literate video

A number of different types of personnel need to be made in order to create an installation sentence.

Every type of personnel has a certain meaning, it shows where anyone is, what he does, who he is.

If the story is about a person, it must be shown to the clerk.

Staff varieties

In order to save time in keeping records, remember such abbreviations (which means different telecoms may have their own staff classification systems):

DIS is a super-conventional plan. It fits for nature, people are barely different.

PS - General plan. Dominates the landscape. The human figur is about one third of the staff.

DIS is a long plan. A man at some distance. Such a plan is often used to describe the place of action.

SP1 - First Medium Plan. In the frame of the frame, a part of the man's figure is just above the belt.

SP2 - Second Medium Plan. He's showing a man's figure on his knee. It's best to take action around fixed objects.

SP - Medium sad plan. The figur is cut below the belt. Lets you see a man, his memorial, his gestures.

UPC is a medium-sized plan. Just below the shoulder joint. Perfect for an interview.

KP is a big plan. The cadre is circumcised just below the chin. Demonstrates the emotions and sentiments of the individual.

D is a detail or a superhuman plan. There's only a man's eyes and nose. It's a nice view of some American vesters, where it's basically just his place.


To deepen the foot space, try to change the angles of the film and not take it off the top.

In addition:

♪ Make sure that the image does not lead to random lines and no " green " objects

♪ Compont a smart shot so he can help solve the story.

♪ Do not forget the principle of " gold section " (composition rule third)

♪ Take into account the height and angle from which you will be filmed when the camera is installed

♪ In order to avoid swings in manoeuvres of different sizes, change the angle.


The objects of most chambers have the function of " souma " , i.e. can change the focus distance. Such an objective can be made of general, major plans and other intermediate plans.

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